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Misc software: Cookie Cruncher, DeepAnalysis, HSLAB Text2SMS Free, NagBlaster, IMMonitor, Accelerweb, Grendel Ad Server Lite, Outlook Attachments, BE Website Submitter, DrWebFileManager Light, Gay Community Builder, ITime
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Cookie Cruncher 2.0

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (3.81 Mb)
Cookie Cruncher
Manage your Internet Privacy with Cookie Cruncher!
Review and Delete Your Cookies By Domain Name!
Allows you to keep needed cookies for portal customization and subscriptions!
And Delete The Rest! 54

DeepAnalysis 1.8.15

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (2.79 Mb)
DeepAnalysis gives you a wealth of information and statistics about any eBay market sector. Extract and process sales data and statistics for all the auctions in any eBay keyword search, category, or seller's list, going back as far as 30 days. 54

HSLAB Text2SMS Free 2.2.10

Internet/ Misc
Buy Online!
Try Free (1.29 Mb)
Program allows to sent SMS (GSM Short Message Service) about any events in your system to yours cellular phones and also allows you always to be well informed about of events descending in your network using free HSLAB system monitoring kit. 54

NagBlaster 1.0

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (1.25 Mb)
Do you spend more time closing those nagging pop-up windows than you do browsing when you are surfing the net. With NagBlaster you can eliminate them. 49

IMMonitor 2.3

Internet/ Misc
Buy Online!( $59.00 )
Try Free (3.3 Mb)
Web Surfing Monitor, Monitor all web surfing activities. Chat Monitor, Monitor and archive all instance message conversations in your LAN, include AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO. Email Record, Save all email messages automatically. 49

Accelerweb 2.0

Internet/ Misc
Buy Online!( $9.99 )
Try Free (1.06 Mb)
Welcome to Accelerweb! Accelerweb is the latest in simple Internet acceleration technology. Accelerweb caches DNS settings to the hosts file. Accelerweb will store IP address/domain information in a local cache called the "Hosts" file. 48

Grendel Ad Server Lite

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (4.56 Mb)
The best and most affordable professional ad serving system. It allows for displaying fully targeted and personalized ads created in all the Internet technologies available (HTML, Javascript, FLASH, pop-up ads, etc.). Reach reporting available. 48

Outlook Attachments 1.0

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (377 Kb)
In an effort to protect us from email problems like viruses, scripts, etc. Microsoft has automatically blocked at least 43 file types from being opened or executed in Outlook 2002. 48

BE Website Submitter 3

Internet/ Misc
Buy Online!( $16.00 )
Try Free (2.65 Mb)
BE Website Submitter 3 is a software that helps you to submit your website to web directories. This software offers you a semi-automatic submission of your website. 47

DrWebFileManager Light 2.0

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (291 Kb)
Share or manage WEB files easy trhougt ASP server component.
Main features:
Multiple file operations,
additional folder privileges,
style modification,
custom commands,
customization. 46

Gay Community Builder 2.1

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (22 Kb)
Our company offers you a full package for gays community site development. The given program has been designed specially for easy creation of community agency site. With the help of our program you can create your own gays community site within 5 minutes. 46

ITime 1.0.0

Internet/ Misc
Try Free (250 Kb)
A Simple windows application which will make the windows tray clock alternate between your local time and Internet Time. 46
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Speed Test 1.0.7

URL Helper 1.1

Youtube Google Video Grabber

X-Cleaner 1.1


NetConceal Anonymizer 2.9

INet Shaper 2.191

Willing Webcam 4.2

Universal Submitter 2.3

CamSplitter 2.0

CamTrack 2 2.3

Award Site Submitter 1.0

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