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Advanced Time Reports Pocket: Advanced Time Reports is a simple time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.
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Buy Advanced Time Reports Pocket 8.0.30 Full Version


Advanced Time Reports Pocket


Xpress Software Inc.

Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 2003
Downloaded: 68 times
Free download (5.52 Mb) Buy full version for only $29.99!
ATR Pocket is a simple time tracking & project management software for Palm OS based devices. ATR Palm can be synchronized with ATR Personal or ATR Professional with just one click, so you can keep track of all your activities on the run.

It will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours on the go. Used by professionals and project-oriented businesses worldwide to perform essential functions such as timesheet reporting and project management.

Advanced Time Reports Pocket Edition is linked to a ATR Client (Personal or Professional) with advanced functionality, multi-user access and reports, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), calendar, rounding rules, comparing professionals, departments, clients and projects to each other.

Increase your profits by preventing hour slippage and speeding up project reports for your clients so you can get paid faster. Manage your time more efficiently by recording projects and tasks and automatically allocating them towards the right client.

Download fully functional free trial version of Advanced Time Reports Pocket Edition today and make your projects predictable and transparent and your team more profitable! Take the control of your time back!

We now offer 8 Super Bonuses worth over $2,931.98 with every ATR purchase!:

Bonus #1: Project Management Guidebook;
Bonus #2: Time Management Book;
Bonus #3: Project Management Process Basic Template Library;
Special Bonus #4: Quick Tools for IT Project Management & Planning;
Special Bonus #5: Software Project Management Templates Library;
Special Bonus #6: Agile Framework of Templates, Checklists, Patterns, and other tools that provide relief from software development pain;
Special Bonus #7: Software Project Estimation Software;
And a Very Special Bonus #8: Mega Audio Library - over 117 hours of easy to understand marketing, advertising and selling wisdom along with full transcripts in PDF format

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Free download (5.52 Mb) Buy full version for only $29.99!
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