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Submit your shareware program using PAD-XML file to filevalley.com and get your software downloaded a lot. Only RegNow products are accepted
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This is pad-enabled website. We accept pad-xml descriptions of software. If you don't know what is pad-xml, learn more about it here.

Notice: AGAIN we do NOT accept freeware. The practice shows that amount of low-quality soft submitted is too large. We also do not accept soft that is not being sold through RegNow. Applications without RegNow ID aren't added to database anyway.

Select a PAD XML file to upload from your PC

Or enter the url to grab a file from website

If a RegNow ID is not present inside a file, you should enter it here. Please be accurate.

If a product price is not present inside a file, you should enter it here. Please be accurate.
Do not enter dollar sign and use dot instead of comma!

Select category

Notice: If you cannot find a category you want, try to select best matching one from the list.

Important notice: please place a link to us on any of your web pages. This is not obligative but strongly recommended.

If you want to update the existing info, just resubmit the pad-file to the same category, the program info will be updated and overwritten excluding RegNow ID. If you wish to update the program's RegNow ID please contact us manually.

If you wish to change existing category for your software - just resubmit your pad-xml to another one. The program will not be listed in two categories, just the info will be updated.

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