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ELib: Elib, a great tool designed to collect and keep web info in a clear and tidy way. Well integrated into IE, eLib can collect web pages, images or flashes easily for you and save them into one single book file. Just try it. You can find more.
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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Win98 / WinME / Windows2000 / Win XP
Downloaded: 443 times
Free download (4.63 Mb) Buy full version for only $25.00!
How to keep and manage information from internet ? Bookmark or favorite folder is a solution but not a good one. As any other new territory, changes are so rapid and frequent in the world of internet. One day a web page is bookmarked, the other day the page is gone. It is another solution to save web pages by IE in local harddisk. But it involves too much files and folder to keep just one page. It is enough to make you feel tired just facing all the stuff saved , with strange file names and variety on file types.

Elib does much better ! It is well integrated with internet explorer and keep all the pages in just one file, which make your harddisk clear and tidy. It also make your collection transferable and portable.

With eLib, you can easily collect following items from web. 1. Web page 2. Selected portion of a web page 3. Images 4. Text only 5. Flash file which embeded in web page

Collections are well organized in eLib. With an embeded browser, you can go through your collection quick and easy. There is also a simple web editor in eLib, which enable you to edit saved pages visually. So you can easily make a brief note on a page or just remove an unwanted portion from the page.

Elib supports to export collecton to chm file. It makes it easy to share collection with others. Elib also can export to folder and web files. It helps to re-use saved pages in other way.

Password protection is also supported in eLib. It will keep your private collection secret.

Just try it. You may like it.

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Free download (4.63 Mb) Buy full version for only $25.00!
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