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Casey A: All life forms remaining on this planet will die in the year 2225. Is there any way to survive ? The Great Mother will take care of her people if she accepts who she is and the burden of the Prophecy of the Stick.
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Casey A



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She's different and they know. They need her but will she accept her role. To have your life foretold in a prophecy is hard to accept. To discover that you're not completly human is even harder. To have people look up to her as the second Mary is unbearable. But the end of Earth is near. Will human kind be saved from extinction. Everything hinges on Casey but governments from the world are aware of the impending catastrophe. Can they act with the UN voting itself new powers and enforcing them with armed intervention. By the year two thousand and twenty they will be in complete control of this world. The UN will, in turn, be controlled by the major industries of the richest countries. These companies will hire the key personal running the UN, to control and enslave all the peoples of this planet. The people will be counted and controlled as property. Blocks of workers will be bought and sold without their consent. The human race will die of starvation. Those that do not starve to death will still die. All life forms remaining on this planet will die in the year 2225.

Keywords: ebook sci-fi mystery fantasy literature fiction
Free download (3.24 Mb) Buy full version for only $12.95!
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