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Network software: SocksChain, ShareISDN, COM Port Toolkit, Network Eagle Monitor, EasyConsole, MacVolumes, Asset Tracker for Networks, Alchemy Eye PRO, Network Administrator's Toolkit, NetworkView, Vypress Chat, 10-Strike LANState
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154 programs in Utilities / Network
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SocksChain 3.8.135

Utilities/ Network
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Try Free (400 Kb)
Utilitey for connecting through chain of SOCKS- and HTTP-proxies. Allows to hide Real IP-address of client. Includes funcionality of SocksCAP. 524

ShareISDN 1.2.6

Utilities/ Network
Try Free (952 Kb)
You can use ShareISDN to share the functions of an ISDN-Card with other users in a network. For example, every person within a company can send faxes, transfer files or access the Internet via one single ISDN-Card. 382

COM Port Toolkit 2.1

Utilities/ Network
Try Free (1022 Kb)
COM Port Toolkit is an excellent software solution for monitoring serial port activity on Win32 PCs. 379

Network Eagle Monitor 4.3

Utilities/ Network
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Try Free (2.97 Mb)
Network Eagle is a powerful network monitor. It monitors the state of servers and various remote services over the network. If the state of a monitored object has changed, NE will send a notification message or perform some specified actions. 370

EasyConsole 1.1

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $15.00 )
Try Free (1.76 Mb)
Lets you navigate in drives and through folders using Windows issuing MSDOS commands on a slave DOS console.
Last 20 commands are memorized, can store 10 long command lines on 10 buttons to be launched with a click instead of typing again 360

MacVolumes 1

Utilities/ Network
Try Free (2.39 Mb)
MacVolumes is a free Windows system utility to analyze Macintosh files signatures stored in Mac volumes index on Windows NT 4.0 or 2000.
Automatic connection to the Macintosh servers and volumes; detects invalid volumes, monitors disks optimization 353

Asset Tracker for Networks 7.2

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $199.00 )
Try Free (5 Mb)
This program is used to audit software and hardware components installed on the network PCs. It will collect your network inventory information, provide you with the detailed reports and allow you to export assets details to SQL database or web site 352

Alchemy Eye PRO 9.2

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $399.00 )
Try Free (4.5 Mb)
Alchemy Eye PRO is a system tool that continuously monitors server availability and performance. In the event of network errors, the program can alert the network administrator by cell phone or pager FORE problems get seriously out of hand. 349

Network Administrator's Toolkit 9.2

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $499.00 )
Try Free (8.58 Mb)
A set of network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations 345

NetworkView 3.5

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $79.00 )
Try Free (1.2 Mb)
Time Assist provides great opportunities for personal time scheduling. By means of this
organizer you will be able schedule your life effectively, so that your effort may be

Vypress Chat 2.1

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $11.00 )
Try Free (2.03 Mb)
Vypress Chat is a user-friendly application for real-time chatting in small or home office (SOHO) local networks. Vypress Chat works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols. You get an interface comparable to mIRC's and ICQ-like functionality. 337

10-Strike LANState 3.8

Utilities/ Network
Buy Online!( $99.95 )
Try Free (2.67 Mb)
Monitor hosts, shared resources, FTP and web servers, files, folders, free space, SNMP. Get MAC addresses, scan TCP and UDP ports, be notified when devices turn on or go down. Create network map and see your network's state in visual form at any time 329
Our Choice

Alchemy Eye 9.2

Network Eagle Monitor 4.3

Asset Tracker for Networks 7.2

Alchemy Eye PRO 9.2

Network Administrator's Toolkit 9.2

Vypress Chat 2.1

Infiltrator Network Security Scanner 1.01

Alchemy Network Inventory 7.1

Atelier Web Remote Commander 3.1

Speed Test Gold 1.0.7

CommView for WiFi 5.0

IPSwitcher Pro 1.1

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