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German-English text-to-voice Machine Translation: German-English Text-to-Voice Machine Translation
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Buy German-English text-to-voice Machine Translation 1.0 Full Version


German-English text-to-voice Machine Translation


Langsoft (Sprachlernmittel)

Supported languages: English, German
Supported OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Downloaded: 67 times
Free download (32 Mb) Buy full version for only $120.00!
German-English Text-to-Voice Machine Translation. Write in German, hear (and see) the translation in English.
Our text to speech technology is based on whole words and concepts, not on phonemes and syllables, as that of the competition. For example, the text to voice program will pronounce "fish" if one writes "herring", etc. Many individual words, such as prepositions, articles, etc. are pronounced as individual words. Many other individual words, such as names of important places or people are also pronounced as individual words.
As such, these programs can be regarded as educational, with inherent possibility to use them in other fields. For example, when one cannot see the translation or when one cannot use, for some reason, an external program to read aloud the translation, in such situations as communication between ground and pilot.
There are text to voice programs on the market, but there are no such programs that recognize the meaning of the word and work on the level of the concept. Besides, the programs of the competition can pronounce any nonsense you write and they need an external program to read aloud the translation. Our programs pronounce only words or meanings that exist in the language and do that immediately, with the translation. As such, our programs fully preserve the accent and the stress of the spoken word, while those of the competition cannot do that.

Keywords: English-German Machine Translation
Free download (32 Mb) Buy full version for only $120.00!
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