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Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++: The Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for C/C++ (WSC4C) is an asynchronous communications library which uses the standard Windows API (Application Programmers Interface) to communicate to any serial port.
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Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++ 3.2 Free Download


Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++


MarshallSoft Computing

Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Win 3.1x / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT 4.x / WinXP / Windows2000 / Windows CE
Downloaded: 168 times
Free download (497 Kb)
The Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for C/C++ (WSC4C) is an asynchronous communications dynamic link library (DLL) which uses the standard Windows API (Application Programmer's Interface) to communicate with any device connected to a serial port.

WSC4C includes 28 functions plus modem control, ANSI emulation, ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM protocols, and a good selection of example programs. Requires Microsoft, Borland, Watcom, or Lcc-Win32 Windows C/C++ compiler. WSC32.C can also be recompiled for Win/CE.

WSC4C features include:

* Can control any serial device connected to the serial port.
* Can be used from GUI mode or console mode programs.
* Can control multiple ports simultaneously.
* Is fully thread safe.
* Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, and Windows 3.1 (16-bit only).
* Can send Windows messages on completion of events (incoming character, etc.)
* Includes 16-bit (WSC16.DLL) and 32-bit (WSC32.DLL) versions.
* Supports most Windows C/C++ compilers (Microsoft, Borland, Watcom, LCC-WIN32, etc.).
* Can be used with Microsoft Foundation Class and Borland C++ Builder programs.
* Does not depend on support libraries. Makes calls to Windows API functions only.
* Also use with Delphi, Visual Basic, PowerBASIC, Visual FoxPro, Visual dBase, Xbase++, & COBOL.

The shareware version of WSC4C is fully functional and can be downloaded from our web site at www.marshallsoft.com/wsc4c.htm.

Keywords: serial communications component library c/c++
Free download (497 Kb)
Rated 8.40/10 (5 votes)
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